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Leading Lead Gen for Cybersecurity Services 2024

Leading Lead Gen for Cybersecurity Services 2024

Leading Lead Gen for Cybersecurity Services 2024

A photo of three men who are key players in the field of Lead Generation, on the left is Ian Brigden, CEO of PointCo, in the middle is Steve Burton, CRO of PointCo and on the right is Amir Reiter, CEO of CloudTask. On the bottom right, the article title is written in yellow which says "Leading Lead Gen for Cybersecurity Services 2024" along with the subtitle "PointCo Ranks #1 in CloudTask's List of Lead Gen Companies for IT"

The Point Company recently ranked number one as a top vendor for lead generation services for cybersecurity companies in a list released by CloudTask (Read more). The secret behind the success? Our people! Let’s take a peek at what a typical day looks like for our dedicated Sales Development Representatives (SDRs):

8:00 AMIn different cities and time zones across the globe, our SDRs clock in. With coffee and determination, they settle into their desk, surrounded by notes and call lists. The goal is clear: Generate leads for top-tier IT companies and maintain our status as the industry’s leading vendor. 
8:30 AMTime for coffee (Brains won’t work without it), team meetings and email updates. If there’s time to spare, it’s spent on role play!
9:00 AM It’s dial only time! The first calls go out. Our SDRs start with a list of potential clients, carefully curated by our research team using tools like ZoomInfo, Slintel, Lusha, Cognism, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We are on a mission to convert those leads, one prospect at a time. 
10:00 AMAs the morning progresses, our SDRs shift focus to crafting personalized emails and LinkedIn messages designed to nurture leads through their buying journey. 
11:00 AMOur SDRs move on to follow-up calls. Each conversation is a step closer to converting a lead into a qualified sales meeting. 
1:00 PMHooray, Lunchtime—a chance to refuel with something sweet, deep fried or a healthy lunchbox treat— before diving back into the calls. 
2:00 PMMore dials!
4:00 PMAs the day winds down, our SDRs reflect on the day’s progress. Each call, each email, and each connection brings us closer to setting up meetings between you and your ideal customer. 
5:00 PMOur SDRs clock out, leaving the office with a sense of accomplishment. Another day, another step toward success! 

Why IS lead generation important in the field of cybersecurity? The answer is simple, because the demand is growing rapidly.

Gartner revealed that 88% of surveyed Board of Directors have identified cybersecurity as the priority in their company’s tech investment. The importance of considering cybersecurity in business decisions has become essential to stay ahead.

The reason lies in the fact that cybersecurity researchers have identified at least 57 different cyberattack damages just in the year 2018 alone. These cyberattacks can cause anything from minor operational disruptions to significant financial losses. In fact, global cybercrime costs are projected to grow by 15%, surpassing the total of major illegal drug trades worldwide.

Given the rapid growth in cybersecurity, companies must adopt the right strategies to make the most of these opportunities. However, the fast-paced nature of the tech world often leaves little time for developing these strategies.

This is where the need for effective lead generation comes into play. In a competitive industry like cybersecurity, having the right strategy for product positioning, data-driven targeting, market research, and messaging can help businesses rise to the top.

A strong lead-generation strategy in the IT sector can lead to increased sales opportunities, enhanced customer engagement, and improved market positioning.

With over 15 years of industry experience, The Point Company (PointCo) is a leader in lead generation in the IT sector. We’re passionate about what we do…and it shows! Our approach is grounded in real-world success, drawing from extensive experience with various clients.

Take, for instance, our successful collaboration with a Network Cybersecurity Services firm in EMEA. By meticulously researching prospects and implementing a strategic sales approach, our SDRs secured over 100 qualified sales meetings within three months, generating £3 million in net new revenue.

Trusted by industry leaders like Palo Alto Networks, our commitment to excellence spans large enterprises and startups alike. We provide insightful consultation and hands-on support throughout every phase of your campaign.

Our extensive experience enables us to offer a wide range of services, breaking industry barriers and expanding our reach beyond IT. Through skill, dedication, and perseverance, we have established offices equipped with multilingual capabilities:

  • – Our office in the UK covers all regions of EMEA
  • – The US office serves the Americas
  • – Mexico office handles the LATAM region
  • – and the Philippine office manages the APAC regions

As we celebrate this achievement, we express heartfelt gratitude to our clients and partners. This recognition isn’t just a milestone; it’s a catalyst for future success. We remain dedicated to delivering world-class lead-generation services. 

Sakti Violy Kumar (Content) and Acer Ann Amansec (Layout, Content, and SEO)

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