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It’s Official – We’re Recognised as Great Place to Work!

It’s Official – We’re Recognised as Great Place to Work!

It’s Official – We’re Recognised as Great Place to Work!

We did it! The Point Company has been certified as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces in the 2022 Great Place to Work® report. To be officially certified, companies need 65% of employees to say their workplace is great and we received a massive 86%. Plus, with 95% of our employees saying that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome and a completion rate of 91%, The Point Co was among businesses who had been completing the survey for years.

The 2022 Great Place to Work Trust Index® survey was conducted by Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, that is built on the belief that great employee experiences are better for people, for business and for the world. Listening to employee voices for over 40 years, they determine what makes a truly great place to work through employee surveys, methodology and lists, to benchmark the individual performance of organisations across the world every year.

Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director at Great Place to Work UK, said: “Our global mission is to help create great workplaces for all and to recognise those organisations that do so. Business leaders need to examine their organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and adapt to shifting employee expectations, such as increased equity, transparency, flexibility and purpose in their work.

Whatever life throws at businesses, bold leadership is required. Best Workplaces put people and purpose first. That starts with employees, but extends to local and global communities. Like us, they see a need to address inequalities in society, and use their skills and resources to support others.”

At The Point Co, we understand the importance of employee wellbeing especially within a remote workforce. And as over the last few years we’ve seen The Point Co rapidly grow, we wanted to ensure our workplace culture was great worldwide. Employees were assessed on trust, human potential, leadership, innovation and values, and feedback showed that The Point Co excelled in both the ‘Amazing Culture’ and ‘Made to Feel Welcome’ sections.

Ian Bridgen, CEO at The Point Company, said: “I am delighted with the result. Over the last few years The Point Co has expanded beyond recognition, so we chose to enter Great Place to Work to see how that has affected the business and most importantly our employees. We are an international company meaning a lot of our employees work remotely and we are aware of how isolating this can be. That’s why we offer mindset training to not only help with mental health but to also keep wellbeing at the front of everyone’s minds.

The 2022 Great Place to Work Trust Index survey was the perfect opportunity to see what our employees really think of the business, if we are doing enough to promote a good work/life balance and if there are any areas we can improve on. Results showed that The Point Co excelled in both the ‘Amazing Culture’ and ‘Made to Feel Welcome’ sections, and I was thrilled with this feedback.

I believe these sections were voted highly due to our global video call, which takes place every morning and gives the whole team the chance to get together no matter where they are, and have an open discussion about what is happening across the business. It provides a great place for new starters to meet the team and ask any questions they may have, while also giving the rest of the company the opportunity to engage with each other and speak about any problems that might be occurring.”

But, don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our employees have to say about wellbeing at The Point Company and what truly makes The Point Co a great place to work.

Nhomer Bansag, said: “Working at The Point Co for more than a year now has made my lifestyle much better. I am more financially stable and able to provide for my family. I am mentally healthier from all the mindset training the company has provided over the past few months, which is not just helping me as an SDR (Sales Development Representative), but also as a husband for my wife, father for my kids and as a friend.

The Point Co shared everything that makes me become a better individual. I’ve developed my pitching skills to become more confident and interactive over the phone, improved my time management to maintain my daily schedule as an SDR, and learnt not to take rejections personally and to remain professional in every situation so I can do my work the best I can.”

Julia Fruhauf, said: “After one year at The Point Co, I feel more confident in my work and myself. I have met great people that have helped me along the way. This has paid off, as I get more and more responsibilities in the company and people believe in me. I have learnt that after failure there will be success and teamwork is dreamwork. My colleagues are a great resource of help and inspiration to everyday challenges the job throws at you.”

Quentin Luzoladio, said: “Looking back on when I started as an SDR at The Point Co, I was a bit sceptical if I would fit in with the team as I didn’t have vast experience in this industry. It was challenging at first, but as I spent valuable time with the company, I have become more confident in myself, and I can handle the challenges through the help of the team managers and my teammates. If I could mention one great thing I learnt in the past year, it is ‘How to communicate more effectively’. I also learnt that here at The Point Co, people are valued.”

Felix Gu, added: “After working with The Point Co, I think I will look at a thing from many different aspects. I’ve learnt to be optimistic, actively seek solutions to problems and turn passive into active.”

We are delighted our employees think so highly of The Point Co and that we have officially been recognised as a great place to work! And if we sound like a company you’d like to join, please get in touch – we’re hiring!

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