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IriusRisk Transforms Sales Pipeline with PointCo: Case Study

IriusRisk Transforms Sales Pipeline with PointCo: Case Study

IriusRisk Transforms Sales Pipeline with PointCo: Case Study

About IriusRisk

The Challenge

The PointCo Approach

The Result: The Point Company’s Role in IriusRisk’s Success

Founded in 2015 by Stephen de Vries and Cristina Bentué, IriusRisk revolutionizes software security with a comprehensive threat modeling solution. Their platform automates threat modeling from the start of development, enabling organizations to embed security by design. Serving industries from finance to retail, IriusRisk ensures robust protection against vulnerabilities. Initiatives like the free Community Edition and the global Threat Modeling Connect community highlight their commitment to democratizing security and fostering collaboration.

Stephen De Vries
Co-founder and CEO of Iriusrisk

Sales Pipeline Challenges

Despite their advanced AI technology and a comprehensive platform dedicated to threat modeling, IriusRisk faced a pressing issue — generating a consistent flow of qualified leads for sustained growth. Their main challenge was establishing a robust sales pipeline to convert prospects into paying clients and expanding their customer base. 

Sales Pipeline Optimization

The collaboration between The Point Company and IriusRisk began with extensive market research and analysis to identify their target market and the ideal customer profile (ICP), and then developing a full stack of data for outreach. Armed with this insight, The Point Company deployed a dedicated team of sales development representatives (SDRs) who engaged potential customers through personalized calls and lead nurturing through a multi-channel approach. To support the SDRs, The Point Company provided a full data stack from our internal data team, ensuring they had accurate and comprehensive information for their outreach efforts. Additionally, The Point Company’s marketing team executed multi-step email campaigns, providing transparent reporting of email metrics to track progress and results.  

This holistic approach led to a significant increase in sales, greatly contributing to IriusRisk’s objectives. Throughout, our team offered unwavering support, ensuring that IriusRisk connected with the most suitable clientele, thereby optimizing their sales endeavors. 

The Point Company dedicated two exceptionally skilled sales development representatives to IriusRisk’s lead generation endeavors. These SDRs underwent comprehensive training and were equipped with an extensive grasp of IriusRisk’s products and services, enabling them to effectively engage potential clients. Additionally, the SDRs were in constant contact with IriusRisk’s account executive, ensuring seamless coordination and alignment on outreach strategies. 

The Point Company strategically integrated account-based marketing (ABM) strategies by meticulously identifying key target accounts that would benefit from IriusRisk’s threat modeling platform. With the help of our data team in combing through extensive data sources, we provided accurate and targeted information. This approach was coupled with personalized marketing campaigns tailored to the unique needs of each target audience. 

The Point Company executed a multi-dimensional approach to connect with potential clients. In addition to the email marketing campaigns, the SDRs crafted well-structured email sequences for manual outreach, initiated personalized cold calls and follow-ups, and utilized LinkedIn to cultivate interactions and establish relationships with key decision-makers. 

Through their strategic approach, The Point Company effectively helped IriusRisk build a robust sales pipeline, readying them to convert opportunities into revenue and expand their market presence. This collaboration highlights the powerful synergy between threat modeling security and innovative sales and marketing strategies. The unwavering dedication and solutions provided by The Point Company empowered IriusRisk to reach their sales targets and solidify their position in the threat intelligence platform market. 

Leveraging this successful collaboration, The Point Company continues to partner with B2B companies, providing access to top-tier sales talent to fill pipelines and accelerate global revenue. With a global team possessing regional expertise, we offer instant support across APAC, EMEA, USA, and LATAM, ensuring businesses can grow quickly and effectively. 

The Point Company partners with B2B companies to fill pipeline and accelerate global revenue to help businesses grow more quickly by giving access to the most qualified sales talent. We know what it takes to find, hire, and onboard the perfect candidates for your outbound sales team. Our Global Team has specialists regional knowledge and experience to help with every step – providing instant support anywhere across APAC, EMEA, USA, and LATAM.

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