Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Point Company, the sales and marketing services company for the IT channel, has signed an agreement to resell DiscoverOrg, the market leading sales and marketing intelligence platform to its channel partner customers to help develop a competitive sales advantage and support significant accelerated sales growth.

According to Gartner, salespeople spend two-thirds of their time in non-selling activities like research and data management - leaving only a third spent on actually selling. Without accurate data, companies’ substantial investment in different solutions to enhance sales performance is not being realised. DiscoverOrg addresses this issue by providing continuous, real time, actionable intelligence verified by a team of 250+ researchers. With this data, sales and marketing professionals gain visibility and insight that can be used to find, connect and sell to prospects more effectively.

“Our primary aim is to assist the IT channel in their business development activities and help them achieve their sales goals with a range of integrated sales and marketing services. The addition of DiscoverOrg to our portfolio is further progression of that aim,“ said Ian Brigden, Founder and Managing Director, The Point Company. “All the evidence points to sales intelligence platforms making a positive contribution to the ability of sales and marketing professionals to drive growth, and in DiscoverOrg, we have one of the most demonstrably successful platforms to offer our channel customers. We actually use it internally for our own lead generation needs and find it to be the best data in the business.”

Various studies have shown the power of sales intelligence, including the Aberdeen Group which found that companies that support their sales team with sales intelligence see a 28.4% increase in year-over-year revenue. CSO Insights discovered that the effective use of sales intelligence increases revenue productivity per salesperson by 17%. While the Sales Tech 2017 Report stated that of the organisations that are using sales applications, 86% found pre-call research and sales intelligence has a positive impact on sales performance.

“Accurate and actionable data intelligence gives unique insight into prospects and is key to developing opportunities ahead of the competition and accelerating growth. Our mission is to power our customers’ growth, and we are proud that we consistently deliver 20-50% increases in qualified leads, sales meetings organised, email response rates, and revenue realised for our customers,” said Katie Bullard, DiscoverOrg Chief Growth Officer. “The Point Company is passionate about supporting the IT channel with sales and marketing services to drive growth, and we’re delighted to be able to include our platform within its service portfolio to support its customers’ sales ambitions.”

“The decision to bring DiscoverOrg into our portfolio of services was also taken in light of the challenge of GDPR compliance which every company must face over the coming 12 months. DiscoverOrg is easily integrated into systems from CRM to marketing automation and provides an excellent platform to support organisations drive the critical opt in data that they’ll need to enable successful, and complaint sales and marketing campaigns from May next year,” continued Ian Brigden.

About DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg works with 2,500 businesses in a variety of industry sectors and has appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies for six straight years. The company employs over 250 researchers providing 100% human-verified contact data, refreshed every 60 days. It has the most accurate data on the market, and is the only data provider to contractually guarantee 95% accuracy.