11 Utterly Useful Sales Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Written by Sakti Violy Kumar | April 24, 2023

Sales Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups


Hey there, savvy entrepreneurs! 👋🤓 Are you ready to turbocharge your growing business? You’re in the right place. We understand the passion and dedication you put into your business every day, and we’re here to help. Today, we’ll explore some fantastic sales strategies for small businesses and startups that will help you accelerate your growth.

Here are some techniques that you can use to help your business soar to greater heights:

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Delight Your Customers with Free Trials and Samples

Master the Art of Upselling and Cross-Selling

Develop a Referral Program

Connect with Your Local Community and Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Optimise Your Website for Conversions

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Offer Outstanding Customer Service

Start Outsourcing

Buckle up! Let’s get right to it.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a goldmine for small businesses and startups. According to the latest report from Hootsuite and We Are Social, there are now 4.76 billion active social media users worldwide, accounting for 60% of the global population. With such a vast audience at your fingertips, social media allows you to engage with your target audience, showcase your products or services, and gather valuable feedback.

Build your presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure to share content that is relevant, engaging, and encourages interaction. Remember, consistency is key, so create a posting schedule and stick to it!

Other than the social media strategy, there’s a wide array of marketing campaign ideas you can use in your business. Check out our recent article to learn more: Five Marketing Campaign Ideas for B2B Outsourcing

Leverage Influencer Marketing

In this day and age, influencer marketing is another powerful sales strategy that can work wonders for small businesses and startups. According to a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing industry is set to grow to approximately $21.1 Billion in 2023, showcasing its continued growth and effectiveness. Moreover, the same report highlights that 83% of survey respondents believed influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing.

By collaborating with influencers in your niche, you can reach a larger audience and gain credibility. Look for micro-influencers, who might have a smaller following but boast higher engagement rates. They can provide a cost-effective way to increase brand visibility and ultimately drive sales.

Delight Your Customers with Free Trials or Samples

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offering free trials or samples of your products or services is an excellent way to attract potential customers. In fact, it has been shown that free samples can lead to a staggering increase in sales, sometimes by up to 2,000%.  This approach allows them to experience your offerings first-hand and gives you the opportunity to showcase the benefits of your products or services. If they love what you have to offer, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase and spread the word about your business.

Master the Art of Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling can work wonders for small businesses and startups looking to thrive in a competitive market. Upselling focuses on persuading customers to opt for a higher-priced item or package, often featuring additional benefits or functionalities.

 In contrast, cross-selling aims to recommend products or services that complement a customer’s existing purchase or preferences. This approach can be particularly effective when combined with personalised offers based on individual customer preferences. According to research, 91% of consumers are interested and likely to purchase again from brands or stores that remember them by providing relevant offers. Hence, by providing tailored recommendations that genuinely enhance the customer’s experience, you’ll not only boost your sales but also foster lasting relationships with your clientele.

Develop a Referral Program

Did you know that word-of-mouth marketing drives a staggering $6 trillion of annual consumer spending, accounting for 13% of consumer sales? This astounding fact highlights the incredible impact of positive word-of-mouth marketing, making it an essential strategy for businesses looking to thrive and stay competitive. By developing a referral program, you can encourage your existing customers to recommend your products or services to their friends, family, and colleagues. Offer incentives like discounts, freebies, or exclusive access to special events to motivate your customers to spread the word.

Struggling to get referrals? Here’s an easy tip for you: Getting Referrals – A Game Changer 💡

Connect with Your Local Community and Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Building relationships within your local community is a fantastic way to create awareness around your small business. By participating in events such as charity fundraisers, trade shows or technology conferences, you can showcase your products or services to a wider audience. Joining local networking groups and attending meetups are also great ways to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and build valuable relationships. These connections can lead to exciting opportunities such as collaborations, partnerships, and even new customers. Interestingly, a recent study found that 66% of event planners found their next clients in networking conferences.

Invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Using CRM software can be compared to having a dedicated personal assistant keeping track of all your customers and their needs. It streamlines your sales process by helping you manage customer data and track interactions. By leveraging a CRM system, you can effectively nurture leads, follow up with potential customers, and close deals seamlessly.

Furthermore, CRM software provides valuable insights into your customer base, enabling you to tailor your sales strategies to better meet their needs and preferences. It’s no wonder that 74% of respondents in a recent study reported that CRM solutions give them better access to customer data, allowing for more personalised service.

Optimise Your Website for Conversions

Your website is your digital storefront, so make sure it’s optimised to drive sales. Ensure that it’s easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and provides clear calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout. Use high-quality images and engaging content to showcase your products or services. Don’t forget to include customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Here are some statistics that highlight the significance of a well-optimised website:

Significance of a well optimised website

A website’s web design is responsible for 94% of first impressions

After a poor user experience, 89% of consumers will shop with a competitor

Mobile-friendly websites are 74% more likely to be revisited by users

Slow-loading websites cause a yearly revenue loss of $2.6 billion

If images fail to load, 39% of users will stop interacting with the page·

Pages with videos receive 88% more time spent on them by users

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the topic of sales growth, we’ve also written an informative article that you might find useful. Give it a read and tell us what you think: What Drives Sales Growth?

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

To stay ahead of the game, it is crucial to monitor your competitors. By analysing their marketing and sales strategies, you can identify areas where you can differentiate yourself or improve upon their tactics. Moreover, learning from their successes and failures allows you to refine your own sales strategies. Additionally, it is essential to observe emerging trends and technologies to ensure your offerings remain relevant and appealing. Remember that a little competitive intelligence can go a long way in helping your small business or startup stand out.

Offer Outstanding Customer Service

As HubSpot states, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service, emphasising the importance of providing exceptional service for small businesses and startups. By treating your customers like royalty, they will reward you with loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth. To achieve this, it is essential to train your team to be responsive, empathetic, and knowledgeable. When you consistently go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, these satisfied customers will become your biggest advocates.

Start Outsourcing

Last but certainly not least, outsourcing sales and marketing can be transformative for small businesses and startups aiming to concentrate on what they do best. By partnering with an experienced agency or freelance professionals, you can tap into their expertise and resources to execute your sales strategy effectively. This approach allows you to leverage their industry knowledge, contacts, and best practices without having to hire and manage an in-house team. Plus, outsourcing can be a more cost-effective solution, as you only pay for the services you need.

Are you still confused about what outsourcing is? Let us break it down for you: Everything You Need to Know About Lead Generation Services

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